Parkhurst Forest

Some of my favourite pictures taken on The Isle of Wight:

Parkhurst Forest

Parkhurst Forest: Taken as we wandered off the path slightly and entered the forest. Although a bright day it was quite dark inside and after a while all the surroundings looked similar, no wonder it is legend that people used to get lost in the woods. Quite spooky!

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Tiger: This was taken a few years ago now at Sandown Zoo through the fencing using a long zoom lens.

St. Catherine's Lighthouse

St. Catherine's Lighthouse: Situated at St. Catherine's near the village of Niton is the most Southerly tip of The Isle of Wight. A couple of pleasant walks are available here in this quiet area as well as a good local pub, The Buddle Inn.

Ventor Park Bandstand

Ventnor Park Bandstand: Taken one summer afternoon in 2010.


Bembridge Hotel: Taken at Bembridge Ledge beach on the way towards the Lifeboat Station. This unusual rocky ledge has been responsible for many ships becoming stuck aground in the past.

Small Hope Beach Huts

Small Hope Beach huts, Shanklin: Just at the Eastern end of Shanklin beach is a small sandy beach called Small Hope.

Fort Victoria Pier

Fort Victoria Pier: Rusty remains of a long lost Pier opposite Fort Victoria.

Ventnor Beach: Taken in peak season but early enough to miss the descent of the holidaymakers. Beyond the Spyglass pub can be seen the headland towards Steephill Cove which is hidden from view - popular for a short walk.

Ventnor Paddling Pool

Ventnor Paddling Pool: After much construction and controversy this area and amenities look quite nice now.

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