Fairholmes Visitors Centre area
Fairholmes Visitors centre is located near to The Derwent dam and is set amongst trees and the start of several circular walks. A full time ranger is employed jointly by The National Park and Severn Trent Water.

Information is available in lots of formats for the visitor to Fairholmes including books, leaflets, guides and 3D models. There are photographs of the villages of Derwent and Ashopton before they were required to be flooded in the dams construction. There are 3 car parks along the way before you reach Fairholmes Visitor centre as well as a larger one at the centre itself which is pay and display.

The northbound road past Fairholmes* is not open at the weekends or on a Bank Holiday, however there is a bus shuttle service when the road is shut. This road is around 5 miles long after it leaves Fairholmes V.C. after that it is then reduced to a bridleway on the return route the other side of the reservoir.

There are three small walks of different distances near to the visitors centre, all colour coded and signposted, see things to do. There is also the much larger walk around the top of Howden reservoir and numerous other public footpaths to choose from for the more experienced walker.

Fairholmes V.C. is in the picture gallery.

Fairholmes Visitor's centre is 2.3 miles away from the A57 main road. See location page for a road map of this area.

*The northbound road past Fairholmes is shown as a dotted yellow line on the map.

Fairholmes Visitor centre: Open daily Easter - end October and winter weekends. Telephone 01433 650953 - bicycle hire (tel: 01433 651261)

Map image reproduced with kind permission from The Peak District National Park Authority.