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Coastal Erosion at Brook

Coastal Erosion at Brook, notice the fence at the edge continueing to nowhere. Brook is also good for fossil hunting and is popular with surfers. Cliff edges are soft and crumbly around here.

Coastal Erosion, Shanklin Beach

View above the roof of The Fisherman's Cottage, Shanklin beach. Notice the cliffs in the distance which have suffered from Landslip many years ago, and to the right a viewing platform {better in next picture}. Long bolts were drilled through this sandstone to known good rock to slow the progress of erosion.

Coastal Erosion, Shanklin Beach

Closer view of the viewing platform at the end of Shanklin Chine, which is above The Fisherman's Cottage, Shanklin beach. The concrete edge has been nibbled away and the fence and platform moved further back for safety reasons due to erosion of the cliff edge. Nice view from here if you get the chance.

Coastal Erosion

Galvanised steel netting as well as a barricade of salt resistant timbers can be seen in this picture.