Erosion at Compton Bay/Shippards Chine Car Park
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Landslips and Erosion on The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight has had a battle with losing land every year as far back as Victorian times and possibly before. The amount of land the Island loses varies between 1 - 3m a year in some places, thankfully not all areas of the Islands coast is affected by this problem. Erosion is a gradual problem and is quite easily slowed down or stopped, unlike Landslips which are more responsible for land lost and in one or two sudden and sometimes dramatic slips of land.


Cliff top erosion

Shoring up of the sides of the coast are very common in Lake, Sandown, and Shanklin. Sea resistant wood is used with long bolts fixed deep into the adjacent sound rock, wire netting is also used where the edge is very crumbly.

Erosion on the Bembridge coastline

Erosion at a lower height around the Bembridge coastline.