Myself and my wife Lisa at Yarmouth castle, Isle of Wight

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My name is Simon Kinsey and I have created this web site to provide a basic guide to what is recommended to see while visiting the Isle of Wight especially for families.

This was my first web site I created and I was inspired to do this by my love of The I.O.W., and my interest in photography, computers and Dave Parker's excellent I.O.W. Nostalgia site at I have four daughters Hayley {25}, Kerryn {23}, Erica and Phoebe {21 and identical twins} needless to say my wife Lisa has remarkable patience looking after them at our home in Toton, within The East Midlands.

2012: Another great fortnight on The Island with some excellent hot weather with blue skies, the odd cloudy warm day. nice to be back after a two year gap.

2010: It was truly horrid weather when we arrived on the Island but within a few hours there was a total change in weather, quite unbelievable. Very pleasant summer weather with the odd very hot day, some wet half days amongst the fortnight in late July early August.

2009: Sunny and warm weather despite the forecast!! {July 22-1st August}. Different places and pubs visited once again, some great blue skies.

2008: We were all looking forward to our return visit to the Island in June last year after nearly a 2 year break from The Island. There were some changes to look at and I tried try to visit some different pubs for food and the odd beverage. I did have the opportunity to indulge in some more photography and some walking. Pictures were 100% digital using my Canon 20D and new ultra wide angle lens.

2006: On our visit to The Island {July 23- August 6} that year we encountered very hot beach weather especially in the first week, during this time we experienced a fantastic electrical storm as viewed from the high point of Vernon's Cottage Tavern gardens one evening. We had some rich blue skies when it was hot, much much bluer and clearer than we get at home.......

2005: {3rd - 17th July} was yet again a good year, with the weather being fair and warm during the first week where we only had one day of rain, this was the week that we did most of our walking. The second week was very hot indeed with rich blue skies and no rain whatsoever, and in one instance was too hot to be on a beach and we had to leave to find shade.  We went to many different places and we walked more than the previous year, and we saw red squirrels on three occasions.

Camera: All the pictures within this site {with the exception of the Victorian ones and those within the readers' pictures section} have been taken by myself - they are subject to copyright and may not be copied/taken without my prior permission. There has been several instances of image theft up to now.

There has not been any major colour adjustment with software in any of my images. Since 2006 100% of pictures were taken with my Canon digital SLR camera and my Sigma 18-50 2.8 EX DC lens, and Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 EX DC. My latest Canon is a 90D.

Awards/Publications: No awards so to speak of although this website was chosen as 'website of the month' way back in 2003 from an IOW index website. I have had several of my pictures used in a holiday brochure for Park Resorts and an image of The Needles Lighthouse used for an engineering publication as well as images used for a couple of Coastal Erosion personal projects undertaken by graduates/students.