Devils Chimney


Devils Chimney path.

Looking down into the Devils Chimney from The Sugglers Haven Tea Room side.


There is a walk from either Bonchurch Pond climbing upward or from The Smugglers Haven Tea room which involves the walker having to go through Devils Chimney, a tall and very narrow fissure in the rock in which the footpath goes through.

Park your car {or jump off the bus} at the small free car park prior to The Smugglers Haven Tea Room which is one your left if travelling from Shanklin Old Village or the small car park next to the Tea Room situated just before dropping down to Bonchurch on the A3055. 



Devils Chimney fissure.

Same as previous picture but using a powerful flash.


So starting at The Smugglers Haven Tea Room the path to Devils Chimney is sign posted, if you stand with your back to the tea room and look at the sea {in which there is a great view from here}, go down the steep bank and head toward the right corner where there is a wooden signpost.  The narrow and high twisting path is a few hundred yards long before you see the Devils Chimney, after rainfall the path can be very slippery.





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