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Greyscale shades

Monitor Calibration:

A properly calibrated monitor will allow you to distinguish the maximum number of colors or shades of gray, and a basic adjustment is not complicated and only takes a few minutes.

The grayscale "staircase" at the top will be of some assistance in evaluating your monitors performance. At the far left is a pure black, and at the far right is a pure white and each section on the staircase is an equal "step" in intensity from pure black to pure white.

How many shades of gray can you see between the pure black and the pure white? If your monitor is calibrated correctly and your contrast and brightness are optimally adjusted, you should be able to just see 15 grays between the black and the white. If you cannot. try carefully adjusting your constrast and brightness controls, aiming to maximize the number of grays you can see.

The hardest one to see and setup is the near black shade {next to the pure blackat the very end} if I glance at in initially I can just see a very small difference between it and the pure black, if I concentrate on both they both blend together anyway, I think my brain is doing this! I have found this to be acceptable because adjusting brightness too far throws out the white end and makes the monitor too bright to be comfortable and likewise adjusting the other way blends both and nearly three of the blacks.

So after allowing your monitor to settle in for 30 mins or so from switching on, and a moderate backlight is on in the same room you are ready. Adjust CONTRAST first near maximum {very near maximum or on maximum for an older CRT type monitor} then looking at the greyscale adjust BRIGHTNESS carefully, trying to see a very slight difference in the far two blacks and at the same time to definitly see a difference in the opposite two whites.