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Spitfie and Hurricane over Derwent dam

Spitfire and Hurricane over the Derwent dam.

The West tower of the Derwent dam is shown in the picture. This is where the small Dambuster's Museum is located, entry is Free although a small donation is appreciated to help with the running of the museum. It is only open on a Sunday or Bank Holiday Mondays.

I noticed that the Museum has had a revamp since I last saw it in 2007. I did take a couple of pictures inside and I will put these in the picture gallery soon.

The Museum is run by Vic Hallam who has written a few small books about the Derwent Valley and these are very interesting with many old pictures within. See '617 Squadron Memorial link' at the top.


October 07     Low water    Derwent overflowing    May 08 Nov08