Carisbrooke Castle


Carisbrooke Castle is located just outside Carisbrooke, it is run and maintained by English Heritage.

Surrounded by fields the Castle is situated high up with a commanding view of Carisbrooke and adjacent area.

This is a great place to visit and there are plenty of things to do and look at inside and outside the castle especially on a fine day.

A museum within the Castle {Free} - keep to climb - two deep Medieval wells - donkeys - castle walls to explore {carefully} - Church - visitors centre - grass areas within and outside the castle walls - perimeter footpath - Cafe'

King Charles 1 was imprisoned here for the last year of his life and tried unsuccessfully to escape at least twice.
Carisbrooke Castle gatehouse 
Carisbrooke Castle museum and well house  

There are a few donkeys which operate the treadmill wheel to pull water up from the well which is situated in the 16th Century well house towards the right of this picture.

These show times are at certain times of the day and an interesting talk is also incorporated. The donkeys are looked after well and only pull up an empty bucket a short way for visitors to see the operation.

As well as the top wall - which is a little scary in places there is another shorter walk not as high and this is where you pass what would have been floors and many fireplaces which are still there.

Old fireplaces 
Grass area within Carisbrooke Castle  This shows the grass area inside the castle as taken from the toilets. A few School groups were also visiting on this fine day but this did not become a problem.




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