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Brook  2




At the end of Brook is Hanover point.  This view was taken with a telephoto lens.

Dinosaur footprints are the most common fossils, most of which are large with three rounded toes and belong to the herbivorous Iguanodon.  Much rarer prints, sometimes smaller and with narrow angular toes belong to the carnivorous Theropods.  A trackway is exposed at Hanover Point when tide conditions are right.


Brook Chine

Situated about half way along the beaches length.





Brook Chine

A closer view.


A cluster of houses are not in the village of Brook but are here.  This picture shows the end house a hundred yards or so from the cliff edge. The car park for the beach is opposite these houses.

Interested in Dinosaurs? Try Dinosaur Isle in Sandown.

Not at dramatic as other places nearby but nevertheless the coastal edge is always changing.  Note the remains of a fence with a style or gate joining it on the very cliff edge.






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