Blackgang Chine maze
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Blackgang Chine Fantasy Park

Blackgang Chine is between Niton and Chale in The South of The Island just off the A3055, postcode: PO38 2HN

Blackgang Chine started business in 1843 and was founded by Alexander Dabell, using the Chine's natural beauty and interesting terrain gardens were constructed with steps down from the lower road to the beach. In 1842 a huge fin whale became stranded off The Needles in which it's skeleton was displayed in a specially built hut and a gift bazaar was opened and as a result it became more popular and the Blackgang Chine experience was formed. Blackgang Chine became one of the first seaside attractions of Britain and became very popular with Victorian and Edwardian families and so it increased in size from this point.

Blackgang Chine is a unique fantasy park and a favourite especially for young children. There is so much to do and look at here allow at least half a day. From Weather Wizards to Nursery Rhyme Characters to the {slightly} scary Rumpus Mansion and Cowboy Town where you can lock up your kids in the Sheriffs jail, there is lots to see and do.

Blackgang Chine is set in a coastal location with great views, plenty of picnic areas for purchased food or bring your own.

They have a good website at for more information.

Blackgang Chine Fantasy Park entrance

The large pirate is at the main entrance to Blackgang Chine.

Crooked House

The crooked House - its a weird experience in here!